Commercial Maxi Sun Louvres

The perfect fit

Our range of Maxi sized Sun Louvres, Box Section and Ventilation Louvre Blades are perfect to fit to the exterior of commercial buildings to provide amazing aesthetics and sun control.

Our wide range of louvre shapes, sizes, fixing systems, operating systems and frame styles allow you unparalled options for your building.

We'll work with you directly or your Architect or Builder to ensure maximum sun protection and functionality is gained from the placement of your louvres.

Commercial sun louvres sizes and shapes

1. Traditional Airfoil Shaped Maxi Sun Louvres:
Sizes include (but are not limted to): 200mm wide, 300mm wide, 600mm wide.

2. Box Section Louvres:
Our range of box section louvres start at 40mmx20mm with sizes in between to 300mmx50mm.
Box Section louvres provide an alternative look to conventional shaped airfoil sun louvres. Box sections are available in a wide range of applications and fixing options include motorising or end fixing the box section blades and also cantilevering.

3. Ventilation and Grill Louvres:
Our Commercial range of sun louvres also include screening and ventilation grills and louvres. Light, airflow, privacy, screening and security can all be controlled with well designed louvre systems. Our ventilation louvres are perfect for plant rooms, car park spaces & basement areas.

We look forward to seeing your plans and working with you to provide you with the best options for your building's sun control and contemporary aesthetics.

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Features & Benefits
  • We have many sun louvre styles, shapes and sizes available for your building
  • Our systems include motorising the sun louvres or end fixing, bracket fixing, cantilevering and sliding.
  • We'll work with you to ensure the sun louvres are set at the best pitch or centre for your building's sun control (if end or bracket fixing)
  • Louvres can run horizontally, vertically or even overhead
  • Option for continuous runs of louvre blades on your building
  • Designed to enhance the aesthetics of any building
  • Provides shelter, privacy and sun protection from summer sun, glare and heat
  • Allows for light, shade and airflow temperature control
  • Available in a large range of colours including powdercoat or anodised finish
  • Choice of frame (if relevant)
  • Fully engineered with Louvretec warranty
  • Available nationwide
  • Louvrecare after sales service available
  • Design recommendations
  • In-house installers
Our commercial sun louvres can be motorised or made hand adjustable, end fixed or bracket fixed in place. We have the right design option waiting for you.
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