Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds and Shades in NZ

At Louvretec, our variety of shades and blinds provide shade, privacy and style to your home or business. These versatile and durable blinds are the perfect addition to any outdoor setting, and protects your family, rain or shine. Our market leading team work to provide you with these high-quality blinds, and install them at affordable prices. With an interest in sustainability, our products at Louvretec take a look into alternate methods of warming and cooling houses by the smart and multipurpose use of blinds and shades, working to reduce the energy consumption that is used every day.

PVC and Mesh shade blinds

Louvretec is proud to release to the market it's range of Outdoor Blinds with two styles to choose from; Clear PVC Screens or Mesh Shade Blinds. Both are available hand operable or motorised. Louvretec Outdoor Blinds are the perfect complement to a Louvretec Opening Roof - creating the ultimate outdoor room that provides your home or building with weather and privacy protection.

Our range of Outdoor Blinds (also known as Cafe Style Blinds) are available motorised or alternatively can be hand adjustable. 


Louvretec New Zealand is also proud to offer External Venetian Blinds. Rather than having internal Venetian blinds, consider the alternative of external Venetian blinds or window shutters.

New Zealand wide  Louvretec has a wide range of sliding, hinged and bi-folding aluminium shutters/external blinds and drive systems ensure a variety of design options from which to choose. Consider our extensive range of modern shutters and blinds for your new home or renovation and try a look and functionality different from the rest.

We hope you enjoy our outdoor blinds as much as we do, they really are a great accompaniment to sit under one of our opening roofs, and our specialised open roofing for decking, gazebo and pergola. To find out more about our products, contact us at Louvretec today. 

Get your blinds and shades

You can have these great blinds and shades no matter your location, with Louvretec’s service extending worldwide. We have offices not only across Australia and New Zealand, but throughout America and Canada. Our team strive to provide their expert knowledge gained through years within the industry, and we work to give the best possible service to all of our customers. To get in touch and find out more, call our team on 0800 568 8737. 


Clear PVC Blinds under Louvretec Opening Roofs